Anwar Ali ji belongs to Malerkothla, which is also referred to as the musical capital of Punjab. He is a middle aged folk musician who has devoted all his life to Qawwaali music. Music is more than passion for him- he worships his art. Anwar Ali started learning music at the age of just 5 years. He was deeply inspired by his uncle who was a Qawwali singer. He belongs to the Sarandhi gharana. He learnt from his grandfather, Rehmat Qawwaal Ji, who was a well-known Qawwali singer at that time. He was so talented and renowned, that musicians who learnt from him are said to belong to the Rehmat Qawwaal Gharana. Rehmat Ji used to make Anwar Ji sit for two hours, early in the morning, from 5am till 7am, with absolute concentration for ‘riyaaz’ (practice). More than three generations of his family are into Qawwali music. The rhythm of Qawwali is in his blood. He deciphers ‘Sangeet’ (music) as ‘Geet ke Sang’, as in together with the melody of songs. He has the exceptional skill to convert any conversation into a harmonious Sufiana phrase which touches the heart of the listener. An experienced and dedicated Qawwaal, Anwar Ali has been into Sufi and Qawwaali singing since a very long time. He leads a group of Qawwali musicians from Malerkothla, and his group always win the hearts of people wherever they perform.

Anwar Ali Ji leads his Qawwaali group of five members- Asrar Ahmed, Mohammad Arshad, Mohammad Azhar, and Tarsem Mohammad. Mohammad Azhar is Anwar Ali’s nephew, and plays the Tabla. Besides Tabla, other instruments include Harmonium and Dholak. All the group members hail from Malerkothla, which is often referred to as the musical capital of Punjab, because of inhabiting talented musicians from all genres of music. Most of the members belong to the Rehmat Qawwaal gharana. Rehmat Ali, was Anwar Ali’s grandfather. Anwar Ali and his group can be seen feeling the beats of the Qawwaali music, which is evident from their expressions during their perofrmance. The rhythm in the from the Tabla and dholak, and synchronized hand-clapping produce a soothing melody. The members have been performing together since more than ten years now. They have done a variety of shows in Punjab, Mumbai, and Rajasthan. Once the group gave a stunning performance in Ludhiana, where Anwar Ali’s friend recorded their performance and shared it with his friends. One of his friend, who was an event manager for a firm in Hongkong, was mesmerized by their performance and invited them to Hongkong for a show.


Tarsem Mohammad

August 1, 2018

Mohannad Azhar

August 1, 2018

Mohammad Arshad

August 1, 2018

Asrar Ahmed

August 1, 2018




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